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Thermos cup white strap + 2 DIY stickers
Thermos cup black strap + 2 DIY stickers
Thermos cup coffee color free strap + 2 DIY stickers
Thermos cup pink strap + 2 DIY stickers
Gradient pink blue
Gray-black gradient
Dark blue gradient
Lemon yellow
Leopard black
Leopard green
Leopard pink
Blue and white porcelain
Cow color
big Red flower
White sprayed plastic
Black spray
Grass green spraying
Blue spray mold
Grey sprayed
Khaki spray molding
Magenta spray molding
Pink sprayed
Bright light - white
Bright light - red
Bright light - blue
Bright - Champagne Gold
Glossy - natural color of steel
Spray - black
Spray - white
Spray - pink
Spray - blue sea
Sprayed - grey
Sprayed - azure blue
Starry sky - black
Starry Sky - Vortex
Starry Sky - Meteors
Harajuku - Blue Flamingo
Harajuku - Cactus
Harajuku - White Flamingo
Lacquer dyeing 8
Harajuku - White flowers
Lacquer dyeing and printing 10
Lacquer dyeing and printing 11
Lacquer dyeing printing 12
Lacquer dyeing 13

Shop Insulated Water Bottles from China

Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Drink Bottles

With our vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottles, you can keep your favourite drinks hot or cold for hours on end.

Our insulated bottles and camp cups will keep your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot throughout the day, making them the ideal choice for any season, whether you're spending the day at the beach or hiking a snowy peak. Because of their double layer of insulation, whatever you're drinking stays at the right temperature.

The benefits of insulated water bottles

Stainless steel insulated water bottles keep drinks at just the right temperature as well as:

Compared to single-use plastic bottles and coffee cups, our insulated bottles and tumblers are more budget-friendly. At home or at work, you can easily refill your insulated bottles.

Durable Design
We offer a wide selection of stainless steel water bottles, camp mugs, keep cups and more that can withstand drops as well as extreme temperature changes. While plastic travel mugs crack easily, the stainless steel tumblers will not leak or transfer heat to your hands. They have a full powder coat finish as well as eliminating condensation.

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable
You and the environment will benefit from our BPA, BPS, and BPF free stainless steel drinkware.

We offer dishwasher-safe designs so you don't have to worry about cleaning. Keeping all your hydration gear sparkling clean is easy with our innovative cleaning accessories.

OfferAny's stainless steel insulated bottles are perfect for life on the go. Let hydration be a fun and healthy part of your everyday routine with our variety of sizes, colors, and styles!

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