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  • Product name: Queen of seven street D3061 short hair female
  • Brand: Seven street queen
  • Single product of wig: D3061 short hair
  • Color classification: Brown dog, candy, dogs and grey linen Aoki bangs bangs (black grey linen Aoki head), dogs, dogs and stuffy green linen bangs bangs, bangs dog candy Brown + seven piece / dog Aoki flax gray bangs + seven piece of flax (black grey head Aoki, dog) bangs + seven piece linen green dog, stuffy bangs + seven piece suit, dark brown dog, dark brown dog bangs bangs + seven piece white fog (black tong head) + seven piece white fog (black tong head), thin dog tengse bangs thin rattan color some dogs and bangs + seven sets
  • Applicable object: Fashion female
  • Hair material: Gao Wensi
  • Bangs wig classification: Qi Kexie bangs
  • Wig hairstyle: Short hair
  • Style: Sweet and sweet
  • Effect: Instant change hair style
  • Cosmetic properties: Change hair style