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  • Product name: Bai Mei fang female hair wig DJ6242
  • brand: Bai Mei fang
  • Single product: Female hair wig DJ6242
  • Color classification: Thin Teng color + wig and nursing care of seven sets of dark brown light brown tea + seven piece wig care (novice) dark brown wig + nursing seven piece (novice) flaxen brown black tea light brown flaxen wig Collection + seven set nursing (novice) + seven black brown wig Care Set (novice) thin Teng color gray linen grey linen Aoki Aoki + wig collection seven piece + ash grandma care nursing wig collection seven piece (novice) grandma grey highlights tengse Aoki thin thin rattan color + highlights Aoki wig nursing seven piece
  • Applicable object: Female fashion
  • Hair material: Gaowensi
  • Bangs wig classification: Air bangs
  • Hair wig: Short curly hair
  • style: Sweet
  • Effect: Change your hair styling wigs
  • Cosmetic properties: Salon