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  • Product name: Bai Mei fang DZ6021 this killer is not too...
  • Brand: Bai Mei fang
  • Single product: DZ6021 The Professional wig
  • Color classification: Linen short bangs short light brown tea Liu Haishen Liu Haizong black short bangs short brown linen conventional tea light brown Liu Haishen Brown bangs conventional conventional Liu Haizong black bangs bangs Aoki Amahai Aoki Amahai routine routine routine routine +7 sets of brown black bangs bangs +7 a dark brown bangs conventional +7 sets tea light brown linen piece +7 bangs regular routine Liu +7 sets +7 sets of conventional platinum linen flax Brown bangs bangs +7 conventional piece linen flax Brown bangs platinum conventional conventional Liu Haizong black hair Liu Haishen brown all conventional Quanzhen Makami conventional Liu Haiqian brown hair all conventional chocolate powder conventional +7 bangs bangs set chocolate regular Denim Blue Denim Blue bangs bangs bangs +7 conventional conventional sets
  • Applicable object: Fashion female
  • Hair material: Gao Wensi
  • Bangs wig classification: Qi Kexie bangs
  • Wig hairstyle: Short hair
  • Style: Sweet and sweet
  • Effect: Change hair wig
  • Cosmetic properties: Puffy face