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  • Product name: Sankins/ is the short hair 1068
  • Brand: Sankins/ Shang Qingsi
  • Single product of wig: Short hair 1068
  • Color classification: Ordinary bulk linen leather ordinary bulk skin warm honey Aoki Amahai ordinary black brown skin skin bulk bulk ordinary ordinary white linen grandma grey scalp normal scalp linen woven scalp honey color dome increase upgrade upgrade upgrade to increase hand woven dome scalp Aoki Amahai hand woven dome scalp black brown upgrade to increase hand woven dome scalp grandma grey upgrade increase handwoven dome scalp white linen golden dome hand woven linen scalp upgrade increase common scalp care honey color common scalp care set common scalp care Aoki flax gray black brown grey suit ordinary scalp care milk common scalp care set flax linen suit platinum common scalp care upgrade large scalp care honey colored suit upgrade large scalp care suit Aoki Amahai upgrade large scalp Black Brown skin care set upgrade head nurse Set of milk gray upgrade big Scalp Care Set linen platinum upgrade big Scalp Care Set
  • Applicable object: Fashion female
  • Hair material: Gao Wensi
  • Bangs wig classification: Oblique bangs
  • Wig hairstyle: Short hair
  • Style: Sweet and sweet