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What is walkie-talkie?

Walkie-talkies (also known as handheld transceivers) are hand-held, portable two-way radios. Donald L. Hings, Alfred J. Gross, and Motorola engineering teams contributed to its development during the Second World War. As walkie-talkies spread after the war to public safety and commercial and jobsite use, similar designs were created for other armed forces. It features a half-duplex channel that allows only one radio to transmit at a time, with any number of listeners able to listen in. It is also fitted with a push-to-talk (PTT) switch that activates transmission. Most walkie-talkies have an antenna sticking out of the top, similar to a telephone handset, though slightly larger. An earpiece on a phone can only be heard by the user, while the built-in speaker of a walkie-talkie can be heard by others around the user. Transceivers that are held in the hand can be used to communicate with each other or with base stations or vehicles.

The types of Walkie Talkies

Two-way radios, walkie talkies, and CB radios are among the most common types of walkie talkies. As well as Marine radios, speaker mics, and dual desk top chargers, customers also consider these options.

Keeping you connected and getting your job done is easy with walkie talkies

If you’re on a hunting trip, out for a hike, or on the floor at work, walkie talkies are a simple, inexpensive way to communicate quickly and easily. In addition to retail applications, you’ll find bundle packs of walkie talkies intended for warehouses, offices, and hospitality applications. Walkie talkies, such as those made by DEWALT, feature low-interference channels and privacy codes. You can also choose from varieties that come with headsets and voice-activated transmission, which is ideal for hands-free work.

With walkie talkies that offer a range of up to 8 miles, you can stay in touch with your companions in outdoor settings like hunting, hiking, camping, and long-distance bike riding.

For hours of indoor and outdoor play, we also offer kids’ walkie talkies in fun designs and bright colors. For your child’s adventures with their best friend or sibling, you’ll find walkie talkies with long-range capabilities, an on/off switch and volume control. Make your child’s next play date extra special with walkie talkies. They’ll keep them entertained for hours.

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You can use walkie talkies at home, at work, or on an adventure if it is a straightforward way to communicate.

Stay Connected at Home

With a 2-way radio, your child can reach you from the safety of their bed if they are having bedtime blues. Children will look forward to bedtime with walkie talkies with digital displays because they are easy to read.

Stay in Touch on the Job

With 2-way radios, you can make your workday more efficient. Easy mobility is provided by belt clips and a keylock function. If you want to answer the call while you keep your hands busy, add a walkie talkie headset or earpiece. Communication across large campuses is possible with many models ranging up to 35 miles away.

Take It on the Road

Are you planning to hike this weekend? Your smartphone might seem like a lifeline, but if you lose service or it falls in a stream, it’s useless. Walkie talkies that are waterproof will survive a swim. Rechargeable solar or crank batteries won’t leave you stranded. Take advantage of a radio walkie-talkie with NOAA weather capabilities so that you’re never caught off guard by local weather.

Some 2-way walkie talkies are even equipped with rechargeable batteries or USB chargers, vibrating alerts, and rubberized grips. Browse our selection of walkie talkies and CB radios to find the one that’s right for you.