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  • Brand: Bai Fu Mei
  • Color classification: Natural black (send a + (send clip) dark brown light brown (a + clip) to send a + + small clip) Natural Black nursing 5 piece dark brown + small nursing 5 piece light brown + small nursing 5 sets of natural black + nursing 5 piece dark brown + 5 set nursing light brown + nursing 5 piece half head black clip semi dark brown caps send a net clip half light brown caps to send half black + small caps Snood clip nursing 5 piece semi dark brown caps + small 5 and a half head nursing light brown + 5 set nursing (send grandma ash + net clip) grandma ash + small set of 5 nursing nursing grandma ash + 5 piece white rice (send a + m + small clip) white nursing 5 piece white rice + 5 set nursing
  • Applicable object: Fashion female
  • Hair material: Gao Wensi
  • Bangs wig classification: In Liu
  • Wig hairstyle: Long curly hair
  • Style: Sweet and sweet
  • Effect: Mid face
  • Cosmetic properties: Lovely face